Optimizing a machining center

System image
  • Original PLC program from the OEM,
    NC program from the customer
  • Hard- and Software 8 years old (V5)
  • Cycle time per workpiece: 564 s

Rexroth Optimization solution
NC simulation
  • Reduce travelling path and set up strategy for tool changes
Real NC
Hard- and Software
  • More performance with faster processors and memory
  • New Software functions e.g. edge rounding, graphical nc programming
Hard /software
CMP60 - > CMP70
V5 -> V12
Cycle Time Analysis
  • Reduce the non-productive times such as tool changing times, coolant switching, and clamping
The aim was to optimize a CNC machining center. In addition to the reduction of cycle times, it was important to demonstrate the supplier the technical capabilities of NC Simulation and to produce a realistic picture of costs and benefits.
The NC programs were already at a very high level. Nevertheless a cycle time reduction of 8 % and about 45 s could be achieved.