Bosch Rexroth Engineering is up to weighty tasks. Lock barriers for coastal protection, hydroelectric power plants, or locks: for centuries, people have tried to control and use the forces of water. While the vision remains, the methods are getting better and better as technology evolves.
Bosch Rexroth has built an extensive know-how in hydro engineering solutions of any size and capacity. With our experience and deep understanding of all automation technologies, we help our client make sure that these projects go into operation on time and function reliably.


Ro-Ro Bridges allow loading a ferry boat with trains and other vehicles as well as the safe access of the passengers. They are equalizing the different water levels and the ferry´s draught under changing loading conditions.
Thus, when designing the hydraulic drives, especially the changing wind loads and the often very low natural frequencies of the bridge leaves have to be taken into consideration.
Movable bridges can offer these advantages even under extreme external conditions, provided that the drives operate trouble-free.





Visual Check
  • exterior condition of the power unit
  • determine leakages
  • check of pipes and hoses on damages
  • check of use duration of the hoses
  • check accumulator charge
Oil and filters
  • check oil level
  • check operation medium on cleanliness (laboratory)
  • check pressure-, return-, and partial flow filter
  • check silica gel at air dehumidifier
  • check leackage, pressure settings and damages
  • function test
  • carrying out driving movements of cylinders
  • control of manual override and position switch
Electric Control
  • check float and pressure switch and clogging indicator
  • check connections, plugs, and sockets regarding correct fitting, damages, and signs of aging
  • check on outer leakage, damages and rust
  • checking piston rod for mechanical damages
  • checking bearing lubrification
  • control of the pipes and hoses on leakages and damages
  • checking use duration of the hoses
Pumps and Motors
  • check of noise behaviour
  • checking clutch on wear and damages
  • visual check shaft seal on leakage
  • check of the adjusted pressures according to the circuit diagram